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The foundation of your foundation
Proposal-to-approval workflow
Assign reviewers to grant approvals, manage payments, and reporting
All-in-one foundation CRM
A central hub for grant histories, enriched grantee information, and documents
grantee portal
Intuitively designed with automated tasks and reminders for grantees
Data analysis
& reporting
Easily customize and track your foundation’s key metrics
Built-in communications
Embedded messaging tool for quick, effortless outreach to all grantees
Advanced integrations
Seamlessly send data between your core technology systems
Smart, simple, and seamless for all

Temelio’s cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, connecting the people and processes of your organization with one powerful, comprehensive platform. 

For grantees, Temelio simplifies the application process and creates the ideal environment for foundation-grantee collaboration. 

Temelio has allowed us to reduce grant review time from 2 hours to just 30 minutes and the data dashboard visuals have proven invaluable for discussions with board members who prefer a high-level view of our grantmaking activities.
Ira Perman, Atwood Foundation
Temelio was the first system that I had seen that was able to incorporate all elements of trust based philanthropy AND had CRM capabilities. The staff is so responsive and easy to work with which was also really important to me.
Beth Tigay, Fineshriber Family Foundation
As a growing nonprofit startup, finding Temelio was a lifesaver. We needed a product that would meet our needs as a hybrid org that conducts grantmaking, as well as fundraising/donor management. We did not have the time nor inclination for a lengthy and expensive development process, and had heard nightmare stories about unfriendly interfaces for users (both grantees and staff). We are so grateful to Temelio for their support, staying nimble, and being a true partner in our growth!
Anne Lee, Asian American Futures
We found Temelio to be user-friendly, intuitive, and simple, with excellent functionality and everything we need in a grants management system. As compared with our previous clunky grants systems, it was a breath of fresh air. Onboarding was easy and quick, and the platform has eased complex processes for the foundation and for our grantees alike.
Alexis Martin, Kapor Foundation
The actual experience of using Temelio has been even better than I could have hoped! Not only is the system intuitive and easy for me to navigate, but the customer service is second to none. The flexibility and adaptability of Temelio’s staff is unmatched.
Janice Lombardo, Charles W. and Patricia S. Bidwill Foundation
After researching and evaluating four companies, I am delighted with our choice of Temelio. Temelio has provided collaboration, partnership, and handholding at times to ensure this software meets the needs of our foundation. The software has already been a time-saver by providing a CRM system and grant management organization for our small staff. The Temelio team are proven leaders with great understanding of process and excel at customer relations with emphasis on patience and attentiveness.
Joy Celine, The Bolick Foundation
As an executive director for a small private foundation, it’s important that the process of making grants is simple and seamless for me, my board and the non-profits with whom we partner. Temelio’s robust platform is straightforward and easy to use and was clearly designed to up level the user experience. Their approach to technology and customer service sets them apart from all competitors.
Colleen McKenna, AJA Foundation
The answer to traditional grants management systems
Most grants management systems simply don’t work for today’s grantmakers. These platforms are bulky, confusing, and often require months of expensive onboarding, causing strain on the very foundations who rely on them to maximize their reach.

At Temelio, we’re changing the grants management game for the better. Temelio works with your foundation to simplify reporting, streamline processes, and make it easier for you to make a lasting impact.
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