Improving Grantee Experience Through Technology

By Maya Kuppermann, CEO & Co-Founder of Temelio

When it comes to product design, sometimes the smallest features can make the biggest difference. In this blog, we will highlight three small product features that have made a big difference in helping the funders on our platform improve grantee experience. These features came from two things that our team heard loud and clear from funders and grantees: 1) foundations want to find ways to reduce burden on grantees and 2) grantees want to spend less time filling out forms and more time on their programs. While a product cannot solve these challenges entirely, there are countless things technology can do to help. 

Feature 1: Form time estimates 

When a grantmaker builds a form in our platform, they see an AI-enabled time estimate to provide visibility into how long it will take a grantee to complete their form (screenshot below). This allows funders to accurately understand the time requirement of the information they are collecting and make adjustments.

Feature 2: AI to speed up form completion 

Many grantees often find themselves filling out similar information across different grant proposals and it can be a time-consuming process. Temelio leverages AI to enhance the grantee experience by auto-suggesting answers to frequently requested grant proposal questions using previously submitted information or via uploading a completed proposal for a different funder. You can find more information on this feature in this blog post written late last year. 

Feature 3: Candid integration and centralized grantee profile

To help grantees further avoid filling out the same information time and time again for funders, Temelio built an integration with Candid to allow grantees to populate all organization profile fields via pulling in fields from their Candid profile. When grantees onboard to the Temelio platform for the first time they are prompted to “Onboard faster through our Candid integration” (see below). Beyond this, Temelio centralized our grantee portal such that fields populated in previous applications will always auto populate in all future applications (including Candid fields). 

If you have other ideas about how technology can improve grantee experience or are curious to see how Temelio can help your organization reduce grantee burden we would love to connect!  Reach out to our team to schedule a call.

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