Temelio Customer Spotlight: Meet Alexis from the Kapor Foundation

by Maya Kuppermann, CEO & Co-founder of Temelio

For this case study Temelio CEO & Co-Founder Maya Kuppermann interviewed Alexis Martin, Grants Manager at the Kapor Foundation. The Kapor Foundation was started by Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor, who have spent the last decade developing a vision and practice to make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Through Kapor Foundation, Kapor Capital, and SMASH, they have taken a comprehensive approach to expand access to computer science education, conduct research on disparities in the technology pipeline, support nonprofit organizations and initiatives, and invest in gap-closing startups and entrepreneurs that close gaps of access for all.

Foundation Overview

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): Can you provide an overview of your foundation, its mission, and the types of grants you typically manage? 

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): The Kapor foundation works at the intersection of racial justice and technology, focusing on issues of diversity, or lack thereof, throughout the tech pipeline. We do grant making, but we also work on advocacy, conduct research and run direct programs. We have a big range in the types of grants we give: operating grants in our program areas, event sponsorships, founders’ grants, and staff-initiated grants. 

Challenges in Grant Management

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): What specific challenges or pain points were you experiencing in your system for managing grants prior to adopting Temelio?

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): We needed something more user friendly, for one thing. We needed something where we would be able to make changes on our own without needing a developer or without even needing you. We are constantly evolving strategies so we needed a system that would evolve with us and a system that you didn't need to be a coder to manage the system. 

Software Selection Process

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): How did you discover our grants management software and what criteria or considerations were important in your decision to choose our software? 

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): I needed to know that the people who were implementing were really hearing me and understanding our needs and I didn't find that with previous systems. We had a few experiences with software providers over promising and under-delivering. So when I discovered Temelio, I saw very clearly that it had everything we needed and was affordable. When we first had a demo I immediately thought, “I could use this” versus other demos where you look at the product  and would have absolutely no idea what to do. Even though there is still a lot I  learned in training, I knew I could start to use it without having to spend weeks in webinars and training sessions.

Implementation and Integration

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): Could you describe the process of implementing our grants management software within your foundation? Were there any unique integration requirements or challenges during implementation?

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): It was  pretty fast. We were unique as we have several different types of grants and we have a number of different program areas. Because we don't do unsolicited grant making, we also needed a vetting process in the system. Temelio was able to design what we needed in a relatively quick implementation timeline and get us up and running quite promptly.

Screenshot of a reporting dashboard in the Kapor Foundation Temelio platform

Use Cases and Key Features

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): How do you use our grants management software in your daily operations? Which features or functionalities have proven to be the most beneficial for managing grants effectively?

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation):  One thing that is so nice is I can input folks into the GMS at the beginning of the process and know that the software is going to take them through every step  they need. I no longer have to go through countless checklists and follow ups with our staff. I am not sitting there thinking “Is this reminder happening?” “Are we getting this paperwork from them?” It's all in there from beginning to end and I appreciate that I can just set it and forget it.

Impact on Grant Management

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): What specific improvements or efficiencies have you observed in your grant management process since adopting our software?

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): Previously we've had moments when we were in between systems where we were doing everything by email. So you can imagine the difference of finally having it all in one place. Having our historical data in the system is also a game changer. I can look at a grantee from ten years ago, before Temelio existed, and I can say, here's how much money we've given over the decade and how many grants we've had and when we approved them. That aspect of the Temelio CRM is so nice. I don't know that all systems can let you import that much data but they certainly do not do it as smoothly as you all did.

Feedback and Support

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): How has your experience been with our customer support and service? What has your experience been like when you give feedback to our team in terms of adaptability and responsiveness? 

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): I do really appreciate that you have experts I can also turn to, all the people on your team have been super responsive. And it's pretty phenomenal to be joining this  journey at the beginning. I think anyone who has Temelio would say this,  I've been able to make suggestions and see them incorporated, which you don't normally find that. Not to mention that the changes happen pretty quickly. So not only are you all receptive to feedback, but you've actually utilized it to make the product better.

Challenges Overcome

Maya Kuppermann (Temelio): Were there any unexpected challenges or lessons learned during your use of our grants management software? What advice would you offer to other foundations considering our software? 

Alexis Martin (Kapor Foundation): I think just the more I use it, the more little fun tips and tricks I learn. But for foundations that are just now joining you I would say to take advantage of the amazing support from your team. The platform is user friendly from the get go, but if you want to be able to do something a little more complex, the support from your team is invaluable. 

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